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By Sheila Atkins


Dear Students and Parents,       

     Welcome back to a new year at Wilton Elementary School!  We are all excited to have students back in our classrooms and hallways filling them with energy and enthusiasm for learning. The teachers are continuously being proactive and putting first things first in our academic plan by providing students with differentiate instruction and rigorous work that supports each student.     

      As we begin with the end in mind, we know that we must help our children set goals to work toward.  In addition, we want to lift up children to support them as they strive to meet their potential as a leader.         

       We are approaching our fifth year of implementation.  We will continue to implement Covey’s Seven Habits as a Leader in Me Lighthouse School.  We invite our families and community to join us in providing an education that will create leaders for the 21st century. I am confident that it will be another awesome year as we grow together. 

       Please know that if you have questions or concerns, you may reach me at 919-528-0033 or by email at



Sheila Atkins

Sophelia McMannen
Assistant Principal

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