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The Leader in Me

The Leader In Me

The Leader In Me is a whole school improvement model that uses teaching practices to promote social and emotional learning for students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. The leadership focus aims to shift mindsets with five core paradigms: everyone can be a leader, everyone has genius, change starts with me, educators empower students to lead their own thinking, and develop the whole person. The program provides teachers with a variety of practices that support leadership, culture, and academics. In addition to leadership development, character development is an essential part of a child's education. It is not an add-on to the already full school day; but rather, it is an important ingredient that helps to shape the climate and culture of schools. It is not merely education for life. It is life itself.

What Does a Leader In Me School Do?

The Leader in Me framework brings schools an opportunity to integrate highly effective practices throughout a school's culture. This framework will allow us to continue focusing on academics while embedding effective practices and tools into our approach: 

  • teach LEADERSHIP to every student, 
  • create a CULTURE of student empowerment, 
  • an align systems to drive results in ACADEMICS

The Leader In Me Parent Guide

Leader In Me Parent Information