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Chromebook Rules
Chromebook Rules
Safety Conscious:
- I will protect my personal information.
- I will not share my password with others.
- I will not use my Chromebook in the cafeteria, bathroom, or on the bus.

Open Minded:
- I will maintain a can-do attitude and give my best effort on each assignment.
- I will not use technology to bully or tease other people.
- I will protect others and myself by reporting abuse and not forwarding inappropriate content.

Always Prepared:
- I will charge my Chromebook each night and bring my charger to school each day.
- I will bring earbuds to school each day.
- I will be sure I understand the expectations for each assignment before beginning.

Respectful and Responsible:
- I will use my device for educational purposes.
- I will close and log off my device when not in use.
- I will not walk around with my Chromebook open.
- I understand that this device is the property of Granville County Public Schools.